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1st. FLOOR,     1ra. PLANTA

CN 340  Km.134  Sotogrande 

San Roque  1310  CadizSpain


Exit 132 (Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro)


On  Service  Road

En  Via  de  Servicio

next to / al lado de  Mercadona

above / arriba de  Versach Hair


Own  Parking  Propio

Elevator  /  Ascensor


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Integral  Yoga


The Goal of Integral Yoga : To have a peaceful calm mind in a strong healthy body



My name is Tanya Stagnetto.



I have been practicing physical yoga, either Hatha or Vinyasa for 20 years.




The benefits of the stretches have been incredible for me and only 6 months ago I realized to what extent, when, after needing an Xray for a broken rib, in January this year, the doctor told me he was shocked to see that I had scoliosis of the spine and yet he could not believe how straight my back was to the naked eye. 


It is yoga that has helped me keep a firm core and strong back muscles to maintain my posture correctly and so I didn't even know I have a crocked spine! 


Thank goodness for Yoga practice!  I have turned to yoga in the darkest moments of my life, to keep me focused and steady, maintaining a practice to calm the mind and keep the body in optimum strength.  


It is fairly recently however, that I was encouraged to do the teacher training course by other yogic friends of mine.  I never imagined I would experience such joy from giving classes and helping others feel the benefit of this age old practice.


Om Shanti!   I look forward to sharing my knowledge and sharing the joy!

Tanya is teaching her amazing Integral Yoga class at Gym Tonic Pilates & Yoga Sotogrande 

The class is designed to sculpt, shape and firm your entire body.

It will also aid in relaxation and help you relieve aches and pains.
 Tanya has many years practising yoga and 1 year as a yoga teacher.

She loves transforming people lives, helping people to feel great inside and outside.

This class is suitable for MEN and WOMEN of all different ages, respecting  levels and abilities.