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Learn the method in a single day!

Access Bars  is the revolutionary method to unleash your true potential


What are the Bars?

The Bars are 32 energy access points on the head.  Within them the electromagnetic energy of all the thoughts, ideas, habits, choices, and beliefs that you’ve ever had are stored.  There are Bars for healing, body, money, awareness, control, power, and aging, just to name a few.  Every thought or belief that you hold within a specific Bar, perpetuates the respective energy and limits your capacity to create something new or modify a behavior.  The goal of a Bars Session is to dissolve the stagnant energy that limits you and create a new space, thus allowing you to effortlessly receive new possibilities and change any aspect of your life.


An Access Bars® Treatment lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours. The patient relaxes on his or her back as the session is performed. During the procedure, it has been documented that the brain enters Beta and Theta stages – absolute deep relaxation.  Within this state, a “discharge” occurs at the synapses and stress, excitement, and anxiety dissolve completely.


By eliminating your limiting belief sets, you can create space for a wide range of change and new opportunities allowing for a richer life.

Can you imagine what you can create once you have dissolved a set of beliefs that have limited you for years?All aspects of your life will be affected: work, money, health, relationships, sex life, physical appearance, energy and overall wellbeing.  Freedom is possible in any and all areas of your life.

Get Started

Contact a Bars Practitioner to receive a Bars Session and change your life today.  A session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours and costs between €50-100.  The experience is  compared to a deeply relaxing massage…with life-changing benefits.

Why learn the Bars?

Since the technique is so simple, even children can learn how to practice the Bars at an Access Bars® Seminar (children are free).  Learning the Bars does not require any previous knowledge or prerequisites, and the benefit within the family is invaluable. From children’s school life, spousal relationships, or illness and addiction treatment, there is no area in life where the technique is not applicable.  The Bars method can also be used by therapists of any discipline. Access Bars® is based on the theory of creating space for change by dissolving limitations and can be safely combined with all other forms of therapy.  This method has been used to not only treat symptoms, but successfully cure the root causes of stress, phobias, depression, addictions, and much more.  Children and adolescents with ADHD, OCD, and other forms of stress associated with modern school environments have benefited greatly.

Just Imagine...

What your life would be like if you could resolve years of doubt and limitation with ease!


and what if...

...you could easily create new spaces from which you could create everything you desire in life?



Take part in an Access Bars® class and learn this revolutionary method in a single day!

In an Access Bars®  class you will get your bars run twice and also run someone elses bars twice. In addition, you will learn the Access Clearing Statement®. With it you can dissolve any specific limitations in your life.

You are guaranteed to experience a new awareness.



There are no prerequisites, specific knowledge or special requirements in order to participate in an Access Bars® class. Children older than 11  are welcome and do not pay.



It's very easy to learn the Bars. In a Bars Class you will be shown where the 32 points are located and how to properly stimulate over the course of a single day. In addition, you will learn the basic concepts of Access Consiousness®. After the class you can immediately begin to run someone's Bars.


Adults €300

Repeating  €150

15 - 18 Years €150

11 - 14 Years    free


Find an Access Bars® Practicioner in your area and treat yourself to total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.


A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes  They are offered starting at €50. The worst thing that might happen is that you enjoy the effect of an deeply relaxing massage; the best is that your life changes for the better!


Frequent Asked Questions

What is Access Consiousness?

Access consiousness is a simple set of techniques and ideas that will allow you to create dynamic changes in every area of your life.

Gradually you gain more and more awarnessthat leads you to full awareness and becoming the truely conscious being that you really are.

Access consiousness was founded in 1990 by Gary Douglas and updated & revised in the last 11 years with the help of Dr. Dain Heer.  It now available in 171 countries around the world.


How Does Access Consciousness work?

With a variety of Access Classes, Bars Classes, Body Works and Private Sessions, certified Access Consiousness Facilitators and Access Bars Facilitators will guide you to a new awareness and eliminate all energetic blockages that limit you from expressing your authentic self. Access Consciousness brings awareness to the unlimited choices available to you and how to live life to the fullest.


Where do I start?

Access Bars® is the beginning. This gentle, non-invasive body process clears your mind and body of all limiting thoughts, ideas, habits, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.  This is done by a practiciolner applying a light touch to 32 points on the head.  Imagine deleting files on a computer by the touch of a button. This method creates space for something totally new to be created. After an Access Bars® seminar, the next step will be attending Access Foundation and Foundation Level 1 which will bring you to a total new reality.

Can anyone learn Access Bars®?

Any person, regardless of age or sex can learn Access Bars®. Even a child could do it. The technique is completely safe and harmless. The only side effects are total relaxation, cheerfulness, happiness and gratitude. Moreover, positive changes in the living conditions are typically exeprienced.

The technique can be learned already by children of 10 years.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this method speaks for itself.