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Become an Access Bars Practitioner in a day and start giving sessions!

Why learn the Bars?

Since the technique is so simple, even children can learn how to practice the Bars at an Access Bars® Seminar (children are free). 


The benefit in the family is invaluable. From children’s school life, spousal relationships, or illness and addiction treatment, there is no area in life where the technique is not applicable. 

The Bars can also be used by therapists of any discipline. Access Bars® is based on the theory of creating space for change by dissolving limitations and can be safely combined with all other forms of therapy. 

This method has been used to not only treat symptoms, but successfully cure the root causes of stress, phobias, depression, addictions, and more.  Children and adolescents with ADHD, OCD, and other forms of stress associated with school environments have benefited greatly.

Requirements: There are no prerequisites, specific knowledge or special requirements.



Take an Access Bars® class and learn this method in a single day!

You will be shown where the 32 points are located and how to properly stimulate them over the 8 hours course.  You will watch a video of Gary Douglas explaining the Bars and you will receive a manual and charts.

In an Access Bars® class you will get your bars run twice and you will run someone elses bars twice. You will learn the Access Clearing Statement®. With it you can dissolve any specific limitations in your life. In addition, you will learn the basic concepts of Access Consiousness®.

At the end of the day you will receive a Diploma as a Certified Practioner of Access Bars and you will be register in the oficial website of Access Conciouness. 

You are guaranteed to experience a new awareness.


After the class you can immediately begin to run someone's Bars and charge for it.


Adults:   (To become a Practitioner)       300 €

Repeating:  (To become a Facilitator)    150 €

Teenagers: from 15 to 18  years  old      150 €

Children:  from 11 to 14  years old         free class


Who can benefit from having their Bars done?

Everyone who is willing to lie still for it!

Some people may not value the experience of relaxation and consider it a waste of time and other people who have an interest in changing and improving their lives may be keener. We recommend concentrating your “bars running” efforts on the latter of these, who fit into the 47% of the population mentioned previously. 


Can children and babies have their Bars done?

Children and babies benefit phenomenally from having their Bars run. 

Children’s Bars can run very fast. Often they can tell you when each bar is done for that session and when to move on, and babies are even faster!


Can the Bars harm anyone?

No. Bars cannot be done wrong, and you cannot harm anyone by doing their Bars.


Where can I learn to do the Bars?

You can contact me for classes in Sotogrande, Gibraltar, Estepona or Marbella.

Bars classes are taught by over 2000 Bars facilitators worldwide, in 171 countries.

You can find Bars facilitators and classes on this web: www.bars.accessconsciousness.com

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