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Gym Tonic Sotopilates

Edificio LAXMOR  1º fl.

CN340 Km.134 

Sotogrande 11310

San Roque,  Cadiz,  Spain


Via de Servicio (Royal Golf)

Parking & elevator /ascensor

Exit 132 Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro



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Formulario de contacto -

Enquiry form

Enquiry form

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Gym Tonic  Pilates  Sotogrande

The leading Pilates Studio in Sotogrande


Gym Tonic since 1993 is located at Laxmor Building, on the service road of Sotogrande, San Roque, Cadiz, Spain, surrounded by golf clubs and polo fields. It opened as a full gym with Aerobics, Step and Fitness equipment for private and group training. They also offered Aromatherapy, Beauty therapy and Physiotherapy.

In 2003 it introduced the Pilates Method to Sotogrande, The 1st. Studio offering mat and equipment classes.


Gym Tonic is a private Studio where personalized service and confidentiality is a priority.

This Boutique Gym is booked to one person only for Private sessions. 

Group and private sessions normally take an hour..always listening to the body.

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Olga Sotomayor, the fitness expert, teaches in Gym Tonic The Pilates Method in small groups and private sessions. Personal training with bikes, weights, Pilates equipment, steps, etc.. are available with good music to help you to reach your goals in short time and no injuries. 


She also offers Access Bars sessions and International Certified Training for Bars.

Olga on 2018 became a Feng Shui Master, after 30 years of learning and she does audits for homes and business.


This way it closes the circle of  "Body, Consciousness and Space"  integrating body, soul & nature in a Holistic way.

Look at Services to choose your class.

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