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Personal training at home


There is no major luxury that having your own personal trainer coming to train you at the comfort and privacy of your home.


These classes are ideal for people with limited time, limited mobility, busy agendas, people with a well equiped home gymnasium, family on holidays, or people that prefers not to go the studios or gyms. 


Like in every personalized training programme, the exercise rutine is designed to obtain the best results,  suiting individual needs, in short time and without injuries.


The goal varies in each case... it could be to improve physical condition, for health reasons, rehabilitation after an injury, pre or after pregnancy, to relieve back pain,  to improve back posture,  for mental peace, to establish patterns of discipline, to improve performance on a regular sport such as polo, golf, tennis, to tone up before an important social or work event, to get in shape or to keep in shape... 


In all my years as a trainer,  I had the pleasuere to share very important moments with my dear clients...

Polo team patterns who trained with me before winning relevant polo tournaments...

Two beautiful brides that trained together with their mothers and sisters before the wedding day... 

An american film director getting ready to walk on the red carpet to receive an award...

A couple that trained together at home, before celebrating their 30 years wedding anniversary party...


After a serious evaluation of the physical condition and needs of the entrenee, goals are set, a rutine of exercises is designed and a healthly food plan is agreed, if needed... 

Sometimes vitamines, Bach Flowers remedies or Access Bars sessions are prescribed to help achieve the purpose.


The training can included various exercise methods or just Pilates. Aquagym is chosen ocasionally.

If a Pilates reformer is at home, the results will be more acurated,

When Pilates mat is done correctly, it is also very effective.


To enjoy and make the most of your home training,  avoid being interrumped with phone calls, family or house and work matters for 1 hour! 

This situation does not happen at the Studio, where you are fully concentrated...


The rates for home training sessions are increased 25%  to the ones in the Studio in Sotogrande area.

This is due, not only for transport, but for the 45 minutes extra, to go from the Studio and back.


To train at home an apropiated room with less noise, few furtinute and well ventilated ( a home gym would be ideal) is needed. 

Choose a time with no urgent responsabilities and no social distractions to fully dedicate to the training.

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