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Pilates private sessions

I always advise my clients to start the practice of the Pilates Method with private sessions.

6 or 10 sessions, depending on your physical condition, will be enough before joining a group class.


During the private sessions you will learn the history of Joseph Pilates Method, to use the principles of the Method in the movements, the name of the movements, the equipment and your will get used to my voice and accent also.

Pilates is not difficult to practice, but it is very technical. It requires a lot of concentration to many details, we call them principles, until you can put them all together.


It takes time...so it is fair for the group members that the new arrival has enough knowlegde to follow up the exercises at the same speed and level with fluidity and confidence.

On the other side, it would not be fair for the new group member to feel frustrated , getting lost in a group class.


Private sessions are designed to suit your own needs, following a plan to achieve your goals.

Learning to listen your body, understanding your body condition and challenging your limits.


Once the first group of personal sessions has finished (you will feel when is the right time) you can either join into a group class, keep with private training or mix group classes and personal sessions to improve the technique.


Some clients prefer to take only private sessions for their physical health and mental peace at their own pace and time. Other clients do personal training to tone up before a special ocassion such as a Wedding, Christmas, Graduation, Holidays or to improve their performance in sports, such as golf, polo, tennis, etc..


Once you start Pilates you will not stop. It is such a complete and rewarding body conditioning Method, you will see the diference in short time and you will feel good from the first class!