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1st. FLOOR,     1ra. PLANTA

CN 340  Km.134  Sotogrande 

San Roque  1310  CadizSpain


Exit 132 (Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro)


On  Service  Road

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next to / al lado de Mercadona


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Joseph Pilates

Joseph Hubertus Pilates, Germany (1880-1967)  was an unhealthy child, that is why he dedicated all his life to find a method to strengthen the body, so much that he turn into an athlete, swimmer and boxer to such extent that he was chosen in 1912 to teach personal defence to the detectives of Scotland Yard.


In England, during World War I, he was put into a concentration camp because he was German, there he worked as a nurse and developed his method to improve the state of health of the soldiers. He incorporated the resistance of springs into rehabilitation programs for hospitalised patients.


After the War, he returned to Germany and was so acclaimed that Hitler asked him to train the German Army but he turned down this offer and emigrated to USA. He met his wife Clara onboard the boat and together opened his studio on New York´s 8th Avenue, where he translated the use of springs into machines and created the unique equipment now used in the exercise system.


Initially the Pilates exercise program, called “Controllogy” was primarily used by professional dancers, such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine, who appreciated improved strength, balance and flexibility. It rapidly attracted all the famous people, dancers and artists, who were waiting to have a session with “Joe”. In fact, many athletes (even football players) and physical therapists have used Pilates for years to rehabilitate injuries and increase flexibility while alsostrengthening muscles.


In the 1980’s Pilates was re-discovered and has now become a popular form of exercise for anyone interested in its health benefits. All of us, who have been following the original method and have proved its effectiveness, have the responsibility to pass it on and invite others to try his brilliant work. Recent research findings have created a shift in workout methods from aerobics to strength training, fueling the demand for techniques such as Pilates, which works on core conditioning.