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Andalucia Life 2005

Andalucia Life

February 2005

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Get on the exercise ball !


If the idea of exercising your deep abdominal muscles while doing your online banking appeals to you, the just reach for the nearest exercise ball.


A standard piece of equipment in fitness facilities, the exercise ball (also known as Swiss, physio or fit ball) is a fun place to seat while you are working at the computer and helps to minimize the negative effects of siting for long hours.


When we sit, the lower back (lumbar) changes shape. As we hunch forward, the lower back curves outwards. This is an unhealthy posture if kept for a long time.


An exercise ball can help you to keep your back tall and your spine in proper form. Sitting on a ball will not give you perfect posture, but there has to be some “life” in your muscles, particularly the abdominals and big spinal erectors, to hold you up, whereas in a chair you are more passive in how you sit.


Select the right ball for your body type


Since balls are available in a range of diameters it is advisable to consult a physiotherapist or Pilates instructor before purchasing a ball. Here are some general guidelines:


. If you are under five feet tall, pick a 45cm ball.

  From five to five foot six inches choose a 55cm ball.

  From five foot seven inches or over, opt for a 65cm.

  From six foot three inches or over, go for the 75 cm ball.


Work up to sitting sessions on the exercise ball


Limit ball use to half hour sessions initially, then gradually increasing sitting time over a period of weeks.

The change to the spine will cause the user to suffer backache until he or she is adjusted to the new posture.


Alternate exercises with sitting still 


Now that your back is getting into shape how about the rest of you?  While researching a holiday, reading the news or doing work, try these simple exercises:


Pelvic curls

Keeping your upper body straight, use your abdominals to tuck your pelvis and roll the ball forward.

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