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Gym Tonic Pilates


1st. FLOOR,  1ra. planta

CN 340  Km.134 

Sotogrande, 11310

San RoqueCadiz,  Spain


Exit 132 Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro


On Service Road

En Via de Servicio

next to/junto a Mercadona


Parking & elevator /ascensor


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Andalucia Life September 2004

The first and biggest hurdle in exercise is combating the mind¨s self-deprecation. Many people come to my Pilates Studio in Sotogrande or in La Duquesa Golf Club, instinctively start…..      “I ´m weak”, “I´m uncoordinated”, “I´m lazy”.  They are looking to me to fix their bodies, but the truth is that becoming dedicated and succeeding in fitness are already within their control. If you have made the effort to get to my Pilates Studio then there is already something wonderful stirring inside you. Reward your new desire for change with positive thoughts rather than dwelling on the deficiencies that brought you to this point. Believing in your innate ability to achive is the key to changing your body.


I am lucky to watch small miracles happening every day. I have watched the weary become strong, the stiff become flexible, those suffering from pain become pain-free and loosing 4 to 8 cm. from the waist and hips, because with the Real Pilates Method we have immediate results, in 6 classes! There is only one reason this happens, and it is because they have come to believe that they can. There is nothing that we cannot achieve if we put our minds to it, and this is especially true when we are speaking about our own bodies.


The many clients that I train on a daily basis all have one thing in common: my constant positive bombardment. Their success comes when they begin believing the positive feedback themselves. Real strength begins in the mind. There is no one who should care more about your success than you do!