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Gym Tonic Sotopilates

Edificio LAXMOR  1º fl.

CN340 Km.134 

Sotogrande 11310

San Roque,  Cadiz,  Spain


Via de Servicio (Royal Golf)

Parking & elevator /ascensor

Exit 132 Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro



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Sotomagazine August 2005

Gym Tonic

Pilates & Yoga Sotogrande


Recently turned into a Pilates & Yoga  Studio after 12 years being a Fitness center, GYM TONIC has gone through all the trends of exercises. Olga Sotomayor started with Gym Tonic in Sotogrande right after the Sotoclub closed down. Olga was the aerobics, step and fitness trainer of Sotogrande for years. When the Wellness spirit arrived to the Coast, she hurriedly went to Madrid to train herself with Polestar Pilates USA teachers for a year. It has been 3 very successful years since she started with Pilates Sotogrande and very rewarding also. “I am so lucky to witness small miracles in people’s body everyday” says Olga, “because with the Pilates Method you can see changes happening in after the 6th session”.


Gym Tonic has incorporated Anja, as a Pilates trainer three months ago.  Anja , borned in Germany, arrived to Gymtonic one morning and bought a bono for 6 classes of Pilates Personal Training. “Immediately I knew she had potential to become a teacher.”  Tells Olga,  “She had precision in the exercise, flexibility on her movements, elegant posture and personality to communicate the Pilates Method .”  She never missed a class, either personal or group class. It took Olga a year to talk to Anja to do the long Polestar Pilates training in Madrid….and she did. Now they both happily take care of the many backs, tummies and joints that come to see them everyday, helping them with the Reformer or Cadillac or with the flex ring and fit ball. While this was happening,  

Rodney appeared form Australia with his own and practical way of teaching Yoga. Rodney has been practicing Yoga  for 8 years with many leading teachers in India, London, Australia and USA. including the Theravada Buddhist monks. His enthusiasm for Vipassana meditation and his knowledge of Japanese Shiatsu-Do healing massage has given him the understanding of the Philosophy of Yoga and the ability to join in one class, various styles, such as Hatha, Iyangar, Ashtanga and Ki Yoga. Rodneys´s experience enables him to work close to his students. Based on the individual’s capacity allows each student to improve with maximum efficiency whilst avoiding unnecessary frustrations, appreciating that every body is “unique”.

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