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1st. FLOOR,     1ra. PLANTA

CN 340  Km.134  Sotogrande 

San Roque  1310  CadizSpain


Exit 132 (Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro)


On  Service  Road

En  Via  de  Servicio

next to / al lado de Mercadona


Parking and elevator 

Parking y ascensor


+34 691 565 991



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Andalucia Life January 2005

Quick yoga and Pilates workouts


Suggestions for practicing these exercises at home.

Yoga and Pilates way more than the latest fitness craze.

As the popularity of both workouts has risen with the help of countless stars, women everywhere have discover the positive mental and physical benefits gained from doing these exercises. Acolytes of yoga or Pilates swear it re-energizes their lives and redefines their bodies.


Yoga is a mind-body discipline from India dating over 5,000 years, and is based on a set of breathing exercises and postures. Today, there are so many types of yoga it is impossible to list them all.


Pilates, developed almost a century ago by German-born fitness trainer and innovator Joseph Pilates, sets out to control body movement and protect the back by focusing on abdominal muscles. Pilates is gaining mainstream popularity because of its “all gain, no pain” approach to fitness.


Yoga and Pilates can make you feel and look fabulous. But finding the time and money for classes can be challenging.


Do yoga at your desk

If you spend a lot of time in front of your screen, try YogaBreak, available at Yoga Site the CD-ROM from yoga instructors that tells you when to stop and stretch, or  go to My Daily Yoga  and follow the easy, animates sequences.


Instruction for beginners

If you have not tried Pilates of yoga before, there are plenty of resources to help get you started. Try the popular For Dummies series,  which offers Pilates workouts for Dummies and Basic Yoga Workouts for Dummies on DVDs. You will have an idea of the Pilates  principles and yoga exercises,  and then you will feel  motived to start your personal training or group classes at the Gym Tonic