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Miradas November 2006

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning

Developed in 1926 by Joseph Pilates, The Pilates Method is a non-impact technique incorporating six principles: CONCENTRATION, CONTROL, CENTERING, FLOW, PRECISION and BREATH.

Pilates is a conditioning program that provides simultaneous stretching and strengthening of the deep abdominal and
back muscles, enhancing postural integrity and trunk stability that builds trim, toned bodies. Perhaps this is the reason that dancers have sworn by Pilates training since its inception.

After Joseph Pilates brought his Method to the United States his studio quickly became the workout hub for dance masters, such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine, who taught it to their students. In fact, many athletes (even football players) and physical therapists have used Pilates for years to rehabilitate injuries and increase flexibility while also strengthening muscles.

The Pilates method is perfect for any audience because it is a non-impact, balanced system that works as well for the very fit individual as it does for the injured and older population.

Recent research findings have created a shift in workout methods from aerobics to strength training, fueling the demand for techniques such as Pilates, which works on core conditioning.



Pilates works through the body's "center" abdomen and spine to increase strength, endurance and flexibility.
What's more, unlike many types of resistance training, Pilates doesn't build bulky muscles.
Instead, it lengthens and strengthens muscles and focuses on developing a strong torso. Joseph Pilates called this "core conditioning." He knew that these "core" muscles are the body's center of power and control. If they are strong, the rest of the body moves more easily. During a Pilates session breathing is slow and controlled. After a Pilates workout, exercisers feel refreshed and full of energy though rarely breaking a sweat. Pilates Exercise devotees testify it can dramatically reshape hips, thighs and butt, increase abdominal strength and muscle elongation and improve spinal alignment.
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