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Edificio LAXMOR  1º fl.

CN340 Km.134 

Sotogrande 11310

San Roque,  Cadiz,  Spain


Via de Servicio (Royal Golf)

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Exit 132 Pueblo Nuevo Guadiaro



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el blog de Olga Sotomayor desde la 340 

La Vista February 2004

Let`s go back to the gym


I know it is not easy to start training after the Christmas period.

The gym wear fits better when you have a tan... and it is so cold to wash your hair at the gym after training...and you feel less energetic now...maybe when it gets closer to Eastern. Then it will be too late!...and those pounds you put on this Xmas will only add up to the next ones coming...


It is a fact that women get movitated to start on a diet or go back to the gym when we are invited to a big celebration like a wedding, anniversaries or any  party  where we can show off our new dress. Then at the last minute we end up praying for a miracle or wondering why the same dress looked so good on the model in the magazine. Well, she has been training for 5 years...


Most of us leave everything to the last minute, including health and beauty, specially when we have othercommitments like work and family that are more important…. What we do not realize is that if we do not feel right with ourselves, those responsibilities and all the “invisible” ones to everybody,  but not less important, are possible, but become monotonous and stressful. We become irritable, depress, anxious or sad, and this is all due to our sedentary live. Do something about it! The first step to feel good and gain self confidence is to look good, first to yourself , and  then to others. It only takes one hour a day to take care of our body and the benefit will be enormous to you first and to then to the rest.

Exercise do not only helps you to get slimmer and fit, also improves coordination, raises up hormonal levels that increases your sexual appetite, cheers you up,  sharpens your reactions, boosts up your immune system and your confidence, speeds up your metabolism, and your heart beat.

It does not matter which type of routine or exercise you choose. It can be very agitated like step or circuit or as calm as pilates and yoga, or something in between like gym tonic programme or dance. Dedicate one hour of your day to yourself woman. You deserve it!

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